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Christians Expelled for “being a danger to society”

July 9, 2010

Andalusia, Spain

Jan and I arrived here to encourage the Frontiers teams who have come from North Africa for their annual conference. But this conference is different from any before it. Why? Because no one expected the police in the Muslim country where they live to suddenly expel large numbers of Christian workers for “being a danger to society.”

In the past 120 days about 120 Christian foreigners have been expelled “for being a danger.” “Being a danger” would be hilarious if it were not an indictment of the Muslim government’s intolerance. All of these Frontiers teams have legal residence in the country they live in; but no matter, they are being given 48 hours to leave. You can imagine the distress they are under, packing what they can and walking away from their homes and their friendships. Some of them were actually given just four hours notice!

And it’s not over; less than half the teams have been expelled, but what will happen to the rest? Will the police continue to expel the entire expatriate Christian community? No one knows how this developing story will end.

Next Post: Christians expelled “for being a danger to society:” What This Means in the Big Picture

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