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Frontiers Families Love to Come to “Oasis” Week

August 9, 2010

I am proud of the care that the Frontiers Barnabas Team gives to our field workers. Here is the Barnabas Team’s purpose statement:

The Barnabas Team provides critical support to Frontiers workers as they fulfil their calling among Muslim peoples. As fellow members of this “apostolic spiritual community,” we help teams thrive by cultivating the spiritual and community dimensions of our purpose. We encourage teams to stay on task by fostering fruitful practices in life and ministry.

One value that the Barnabas Team provides for Frontiers teams is “Oasis Week”. Held in Arizona, Oasis is an invitation to families to come from countries where they serve in order to have their faith in God renewed and their spirits refreshed. And what a great time the families have! Many parents comment that the children wanted to stay longer still! The families opened their Bibles to 1 Peter and studied it every day.

Some of our field workers come to Oasis confused and hurt; their hearts need help. They need prayer. They find what they need at Oasis. “If we are going to send them, we are going to mend them.” I am proud of the Barnabas Team; thank you for what you do to encourage our workers to have faith in God and to comfort one another with the comfort with which we have been comforted.

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