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Church Planting on the Frontier—Ed and Sue Orme Part 2

August 17, 2010
When Ed Orme and his friend saw the sun rise as they arrived at Cornelius’ gate, they could not have known that Cornelius, a serious Muslim, had experienced a dream that men from God were going to come to his house.

“Are you here to tell us about Jesus?” asked Cornelius. Ed felt the hair on his scalp rise. While Ed stood there Cornelius told his family that the word of the Lord had come to him in the night. They all stared at the two visitors, as though God were about to speak. So the two Christians sat on the floor with the family and took out their Bibles and introduced them to Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. And after three hours, Cornelius and all his family believed. That is how the gospel came to that household. The family discussed what they should do, and then they said “We will all be baptized.” One after another, the family members joined with Christ in baptism. There is a picture of the family members standing in a row, dripping wet. Won’t you join with me in giving thanks for what God has done in Pakistan through the faithful witness of his servants?

The years went by and Cornelius has proved to be a faithful man. Hundreds of members of their people now follow Jesus and read the Bible. Ed was like a father to Cornelius and his brother Diamond, until Ed contracted malaria in the year 2000. Malaria took Ed’s life.

 At Ed’s funeral, Diamond vowed to Ed’s wife, Sue, to carry on the work of the gospel that Ed had begun. Diamond has kept that promise. Diamond and Cornelius have been offering discipleship to a Taliban fighter from Afghanistan. He left the Taliban, but over a year ago Jesus spoke to him to go back and evangelize the other Taliban. He recently said he was a cook in one cell where he led 8 Taliban to Christ. He has gone to join another cell in order to lead others to Jesus! Diamond will go to Iran to train a group of Iranian men who have been pleading with them for years to come over and disciple them!

A friend who knew Ed and Sue well wrote recently:

I know that Ed and Sue wanted to give up many times due to a lack of fruit and because of the tremendous difficulties they went through over the years, but we are all glad they persevered; I can truly say that Diamond and Cornelius have trained hundreds of Muslims who now follow Jesus Christ, and thousands believe today because of people like Ed, who was willing to give up a very good job in California in order to preach the gospel in Pakistan. Because Ed and Sue were willing to endure much sufferings on the field, and disciple the first believers, the Kingdom of God is advancing in extraordinary ways!

Individuals like the late Ed Orme are the messengers by which the Gospel is being spread. We give the Lord praise for souls like him!

Individuals like the late Ed Orme are the messengers by which the Gospel is being spread.

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  1. August 19, 2010 6:49 pm

    Thanks for telling us of Ed, Bob.

    It’s encouraging to hear of the courageous men and women who are truly committing their lives to glorifying God in the nations. May their example go before us and quicken the same love of the Name in many Millenians and Digital Natives, who will consider their comfort and technology nothing to be grasped for his sake.

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