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Father Zakaria Botros, Part 3

October 15, 2010

We continue listening to Father Zakaria Botros, as he addresses the Frontiers staff on May 1, 2009. Find out more at

A quick punch often stirs thought.

"Father Z" is a strong proponent of using short theological jabs to inspire Muslims to consider that Jesus Christ is the true way to peace with God.


I followed a successful medical way which is: A Short, Sharp Shock to let the faint wake up and the careless become interested in engaging in the conversation, even if at first he wants to defend [his] religion or attack me personally. Just a short, sharp shock.The Muslims’ problem is that they are quite sure that Islam is the only true religion and any other religion is without doubt false. … When they find out that I know more about their religion than they do, they start wondering. I bring forth topics that would make them doubt their beliefs. I ask some crucial questions:

 Is the Qur’an the word of God?  “Yes!” they reply. Then what’s your proof?  It’s their first time to think about that. No Muslims have thought about that. 

 Is Mohammed a true prophet of God?  “Yes!”  What is the proof?

Is Jibril, or as we say, Gabriel, a true angel of God, and what is the proof?

 Is the Hadith the sayings of a true prophet of God?  Where is the proof?

Do the doctrines of Islam befit the nature of the Holy God?

Is Allah of Islam the true God?  Yes?  No?  The characteristics of Allah are not the same as the true God. We speak about that in many instances.

There are many other crucial questions … The results are very encouraging. More than 250 Muslims were converted when we started the Pal Talk eight years ago. But now it is a different story. The common statement of all the converts is that “We were severely shocked when we heard these stories, all these facts.”

I do the same thing on live TV (we now have about 500 episodes) and in the 15 books that I wrote about Islam.

No one knows Islam’s essence. That’s why I hope to expose Islam for everybody, especially Muslims, to be saved. It’s not disgracing the Muslims, but exposing Islam, to know the truth of Islam and think about it, so that a Muslim can know whether to continue or not.

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