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Father Zakaria Botros Addresses Frontiers, Part 4

October 21, 2010

We continue hearing Father Zakaria Botros’ address to the US Frontiers office on May 1, 2009. In this part he expresses his encouragement that Muslim scholars on television are daring to criticize Islam.

After clearing the obstacles and stirring up the Muslims to doubt his false beliefs, we can speak to him about the true love of God. A Muslim feels his need to know the true God.

Now what is the impact in the Muslim world? It’s incredible. Satellite Television and our books created a response, but the superficial responses by Muslim clerics backfired on Muslims. This created an opportunity to comment and expose Islam even more.

The response of the Islamic media

 For the first time the Islamic media is criticizing Islam for having attacked Christianity. For example, on Rotana TV, Mrs. Hana Sultan attacked the breast feeding of adults. (It’s a bad story of Mohammad). On Orbit TV host Mr.Amir Adeeb discussed several subject raised at al-Hayat (“Life”) TV; for example, the corruption of the Qur’an in both Shia and Sunni versions.  On “Iqra’” TV, a Saudi channel, Mrs. Basma Wahda attacked slaves becoming concubines in Islam. On the Internet and newspapers, many enlightened Muslim writers exposed the truth about Islam bringing forth civilized dialogue. Newspapers such as Al-Fajr wrote about subjects I raised in the Internet and TV.

Muslim scholars have started by criticizing the Hadith. Some even dismissed the whole of the Hadith, amending Islamic fundamentals well established in Islam for some fourteen centuries, such as the beautiful names of God. They discovered they are bad names of God, of Allah. As a result of my episodes of “Live TV,” on the horrible names of Allah, al-Azhar, the famous University of Islam in Egypt and the whole Arab world, amended these 99 names in 2009. They deleted twenty-nine ugly names and added thirty other beautiful names instead. Among all these 100 names of Allah you do not find, “God is love.”


Satellite Dish

God is using modern technology to combat ancient falsehoods about Himself. Satellite television has removed the protective veil that covered many of the falsehoods of Islam.

The reaction among viewers, especially young people causes them to ask questions, thus encouraging them to think. Viewers ask Muslim scholars about those questions but get no answer, no response. The viewers asserted that they were kept from many truths exposing Islam. They started to question untouchable fundamentals of Islam. The final results of all this: Muslims are abandoning Islam, reading the Bible, and accepting our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am happy to see Muslims who are really hungry and thirsty for the one true God and free from the bondage of Satan who has them under his thumb. I pray that the day will come when Muslims become free in Christ, all of them. He shed His precious blood on the cross for them and came to give them life, everlasting life. Please don’t forget to pray for God’s grace to save all Muslims. Pray for God’s protection for the converted persons. Pray that God’s hand to be upon me and upon every person who works among Muslims to continue evangelizing and preaching the gospel to them. And pray that God sends more workers to Muslims.

I’m so happy to hear about Frontiers and I pray that God uses you powerfully to bring more and more Muslims to Christ to be saved and have everlasting life. Thank you for listening. God bless you.

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  1. sherri james permalink
    November 21, 2010 11:58 am

    You planted a seed for truth to be understood, may they dig more and more. May they come to the realization that after uncovering that Islam is not a god of love, but war may they turn to find the true living God, the God of love and of compassion, mercy and forgiveness found in Jesus Christ!

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