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How Tariq Met the Master

November 5, 2010

Here is one Muslim’s testimony to the power of Jesus Christ that made him free. Tariq is speaking in English, his second language. Enjoy.

 First of all I thank God to make me stand and witness before you. I was so angry before; always fighting. My theology was anti-Christ when I was growing up. Islam was the right way, the only way. But I had no peace; this is why I was so angry. For 18 years I was looking for peace. They knew me in my village; I beat many people there. I beat Christians and they said, “God bless you.” I was confused.

 I knew this one man; he was poor like me. I work for only 50 cents a day, sometimes $20 a month. This man worked with me for the same little money. When he don’t have food he fast and pray. When he do have food he share with me. I have the mind (until he met this friend) that people come to the church for money. He say “No, people come to the church for peace.” So, one Sunday I went to the church to find peace. I thought money would come to me. Then I saw the offering. This was funny. They are not getting money to be Christians. They are begging from each other so they can give to the poor. I didn’t get any coins. I was disappointed. But they said it was for the poor. So I stayed on the bench and listened.

Jesus, the Bread of Life, offered Tariq more than money. Jesus gave him peace.

 God is One. But Trinity?  God’s Son?  This was my problem for so long. How can God have a Son?  How can God give birth?  How can I understand this?  I was becoming crazy. The mystery confused me.

 The program leader started to pray. Then, the choir. Then, the sermon starts. It was Matthew 3. He told the story of the day Jesus came to be baptized. I was shocked to hear these words. John the Baptist said to Jesus, “How can I baptize you?”  And Jesus said, “You should baptize me. This is God’s will for us.” Then the heaven opened. A voice from heaven said, “This is my Son, the one I love.” The moment I heard this word I fell down. I could not resist this word. I started to say over and over, “I will leave everything…I will leave everything…I will leave everything.” I started to sweat so much. The evil spirits started to leave me. I sweat them out. The preacher came to me. He order me to confess my sins. I got peace that day.

Then, I went home. My parents used to back away from me. Now my mother says, “Your face seems bright. You are smiling. I never see you smile.”

 I get into my room. I sleep much. When I sleep the devil came walking to me. “Get out,” I say.

“What? I want you.”

 “Get out!”  And he left me. On that day the devil left me.

 I heard someone say, “Destroy yourself.”

“Go away,” I said, “or I will kick your eyes.” He goes away. I woke up. The peace became more and more. Until today I am at peace.                       

I am still poor, but when I have no money I fast and pray. I continue in this way. If we are afraid, we must go to God. God can help us. God is with us. Everything will be all right. We need our life to bring Muslims to Christ. I used to beat people, now I sleep as never before.

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  1. sherri james permalink
    November 21, 2010 11:49 am

    God Bless you Tariq!
    What a very beautiful well spoken testimony of our Lord and Saviour love for us all! For every nation, tongue, tribe His love is endless! I pray for Tariq to prosper for Jehovah Jirah to provide for all of his needs and use him in a mighty way to spend the fire of God’s burning love in the hearts of muslims everywhere around him. What an encouraging account of freedom and peace.

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