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“Please Pray for This Place!”

January 14, 2011


Map of Pakistan

Please petition the creator of the universe to have mercy on the people of Pakistan. May He draw all in that land close to Himself so that they may enjoy eternal life with Him.


Today a colleague wrote from Pakistan, “Please pray for this place. We are asking God to bring a wave of repentance in Pakistan. As we love to say, ‘The door of repentance is open and remains open to anyone who will come.’”

I wrote back, “Dear Randy, My heart is glad to hear from you. Bless the Lord. And because you asked that I pray for Pakistan, I feel burdened to do so, and I ask God to help me now:

“Our God and Father, to Whom all hearts are open and all desires known, Hear our prayer on behalf of the people of Pakistan. Call out your elect, your own, your chosen multitudes, and let them testify to Whom they belong. Your word, O Father, reveals that the yeast of the kingdom will spread into the whole of the loaf, but we despair even to find the yeast by which to begin the work of the kingdom in Pakistan. We pray that You would have pity on these people, and especially upon the ones that Randy sees today and every day, and say to them, “I will be your God, and you will be my people.” Do not withhold Your power, but delay Your righteous judgment for the sake of the elect. Surely, “now is the day of salvation,” in Pakistan. Have pity upon the broken, the hopeless, the half-crazed, the ruined, the poor, the widows, the orphans, the beaten down, and the beaten up. We love You, dear Christ, for Your enduring pity on all who call upon You for mercy, and we pray that the people of Pakistan would see You, and call to You, and that You would heal them, forgive them, bless them, and teach them.

“Our sorrow is great when we think that Your name is not honored, that Your glory is not treasured, that Your kingdom is occupied by imposters. You endure these insults for the sake of love, and for Your love we can endure Your call upon us to preach the gospel. Surely, “eye hath not seen, nor ear heard of a God like this,” Who delays the day of judgment for the sake of love. Yet we pray “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.” Save us, smite us, chasten us, be it done to us according to Your word. And may the day come soon when the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of our Lord, when You shall reign forever and ever and ever. And ever.



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