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Encouragement from a Somali Testimony

January 19, 2011

My colleagues in East Africa have sent some good news in a letter I recently received. They wrote:

Somali Believer

Hebrew 11:38 states all that needs to be said regarding such believers. "The world was not worthy of them."

“It has been just over a month since we got back from East Africa. The trip was a great success, exceeding our expectations. We believe the region we visited will be the best place for us to start learning language and culture.

“Pictured here is a Somali believer we met a couple hours outside of Hargeisa. He was a devout, well-known Islamic leader in the Somali community, when he began reading the Bible and knew that Jesus was not only a great man, but the Son of God and the Savior of the world. Soon after his conversion, he began preaching to his community unashamedly. He is pictured here only months after his release from prison, where he was sometimes fed, isolated, and tortured for preaching the Gospel to Somalis. He has an incredible joy in the Lord despite those brutal 10 months. It so encouraged our faith to hear his story in his home. He still lives in the city where he was arrested, still preaches the same Gospel, and tells us he wouldn’t trade that time in prison, because he never felt so close to God in his life. Our time with him was the highlight of our trip, and encouraged us that this is exactly where we want to be.”

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