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All UnQuiet in the Islamic World

January 28, 2011
Bad news from the Muslim world

Recent events highlight the multitude of difficulties that life under Islam often brings for the hundreds of millions living without the hope of Christ.

I was minding my own business during this morning’s commute here in Phoenix when the news at the top of the hour came on. The top story was from Cairo, where the police Cairo[1] are beating the protestors, and where Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohammad el-Baradai has been placed under house arrest. The next report was from Baghdad,[2] Iraq, where Sunni Muslims have achieved their goal of murdering as many Shi’a Muslims attending a funeral service as possible. Then, an update on the chaos on the streets in Tunis.[3] After hearing three news stories about uprisings or violence in the Muslim world, I wondered what would come next. Next was the investigation of the airport bombing in Moscow, linking it to Islamic jihadists in the Caucasus.[4] Then the report came from Yemen,[5] where protesters called for the ouster of president-for-life Salahi. The sixth and final news story was from the island of Indonesia,[6] where passenger trains collided and a ferry boat sank, “focusing new attention on the country’s poor transportation safety record.”

One would have thought I was listening to an all-Muslim news station, instead of NPR.

God is calling His blessed children to sell their possessions (“leave your nets”) and bring the hope of Jesus Christ to Muslims (“I will make you fishers of men.”)

I can help you sort this out. Write to me and we can talk.

[7] Email link to Bob Blincoe

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