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Libya – Not God-Forsaken!

April 13, 2011
Map of Libya

As civil war rages in Libya, God is not silent. His love for that country is being illustrated as He is providing opportunity for the nation's people to learn of salvation that comes only from a faith in Jesus Christ.

When the history of North Africa is written, people will point to the revolutions that have occurred in the first months of 2011 and say, “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.” Julian, who recently wrote an eye-witness account from Libya, sees it as potentially the opening of that country for the first time. Julian wrote:

“The same day that we were speeding from a city under siege, towards the eastern border at 150 miles per hour with three hastily-packed suitcases in the trunk, a miracle was occurring. In the opposite direction a huge container carrying the biggest shipment of Christian books was headed towards the city we just left. (This was the day before French jets destroyed a convoy of the leader’s tanks approaching the city.) No less than 10,000 books were successfully delivered and distributed – the largest shipment of its kind to this nation ever. In spite of the seemingly dire situation as far as the war effort is concerned ‘His word will not return void.”’

Julian goes on to say,

“This nation was – until the city’s strongman got driven out – the most closed country on the face of the planet, even more so than North Korea, with a reported 1/5 of its population working as informants. As of the time of this writing (April), the borders are still completely exposed, and the kingdom will prevail. It is not a question of if.

“This Great Arab Awakening,” Julian goes on to write, “is fundamentally a yearning for spiritual liberty, and ‘it is for freedom He has set us free.’” He goes on to write:

“Three calls to pray and fast were sent out during the final month that we stayed on after the protests began and after the final evacuation ships had left port. All three fasts were greeted with a response that truly encouraged and moved us. The second prayer and fast concluded with an indignant “Joshua shout” on the stroke of midnight. It was during that time that the police station’s walls, the presidential palace’s walls and the army barrack’s walls were all breached. Courageous martyrs amazing, young, passionate men – willing to die in the face of such oppression—drove their vehicles as fast as they could into the barracks walls killing, themselves in the process. The border posts on the east and west of the country were overtaken . . .  and the walls came tumbling down.

“You helped tip the scales by your prayers,” Julian concludes. “Thank you! The goal of the current initiative is that 50,000 people would be a part of praying for this land. Sign up at: The city continues to have a divine protection over it as I write this.”

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