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Prayer for a Pastor in Iraq

July 7, 2011

Despite claims of religious freedom by the rulers of Iraq, believers of Jesus Christ face brutal persecution at the hands of local officials.

I was privileged to edit the “Iraq” chapter in the newest version of Operation World before it went to press. What a great prayer resource! But the article on Iraq was fabulously over-complimentary to the Kurdish government’s stated (but insincere) commitment to freedom of religion. I was able to make changes to the text that more accurately honor the sacrifice being made by the believers who have risked all for Jesus Christ.

Take pastor Jamal, for example. He left Islam in 1993 when he met another Kurdish believer and realized he was not alone in truly seeking God. Now Jamal is a pastor, and the head of a believing household. But yesterday the so-called security police took Jamal from his home and placed him in jail. God only knows what is going to happen next.

I wrote a prayer and sent it to my friends in northern Iraq. Would you pray with me, not just for pastor Jamal and his family, but for “righteousness, peace and joy” to be established in Kurdish Iraq.

Our God and Father, who has delayed the day of judgment for the sake of those who are yet to be saved, we pray that all rulers may fear you, so that evil might be restrained in the world. Look down upon your servants, those who would be martyred were it not for the protection of the angels, and let them testify of your tender mercies and your love. At this hour, near the end of the age, we ask that the angels might gather their elect from the four corners of the earth, and that the coming day of judgment may seize men everywhere with terror. For the sake of pity we ask that you would wait longer still before drawing your sword. As many fled with the Hebrews from Egypt, on account of their faith expressed by putting the blood of the lamb on their doorposts, so now, O God, grant that those whom we would least expect to believe will turn to the living God and be saved, and prove themselves to be yours by their courage to restore righteousness, peace and joy on earth. This we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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  1. July 8, 2011 1:41 am

    I will get on this immediately, Bob. I would also like to have your permission to use your written prayer in my personal prayer times…nearly always am praying for the general area. I would not publish or share it though, unless you would want me to share it discreetly. I can only comment “Hallelujah” for the portent of this kind of activity! Blessings, PM

  2. Stuart Soper permalink
    January 2, 2012 1:28 am

    I have been researching brothers and sisters being persecuted for Jesus around the globe. Although i have always been aware persecution goes on, i had no idea until friends at my church told me the numbers involved.I feel that blinkers have been removed from my eyes! I heard of Paster Jamal and have been praying for him daily. I loved the words of Bob’s pray which i used myself today. I have also written to my M.P regarding Paster Jamal. God Bless x

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