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Father Zakaria Answers Questions about Muslims

August 24, 2011
Father Zakaria Boutros

Father Z ministers to Muslims by exposing flaws in their theology.

Father Zakaria Botros visited our office and we were lucky enough to get a chance to ask him a few questions. Father Z has worked throughout his life to study Islam, the Qur’an and the Hadith to bring clarity to the Muslims and Christians about Islam. He uses his television show, books, and website to answer questions and clear the confusion that Islam has created through the years and bring the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ to people. Many Muslims have come to faith because Father Z tells the truth, and God makes people hungry for the truth. Below are some of the answers he had for questions posed by the Frontiers staff.

Bob Blincoe: We are with Zakaria Botros, our honored guest. You are our teacher and the subject is Islam. This morning’s newspaper has an unpleasant article. It says, “Saudi girl, 8 years old, was married to a 50-year-old man.”  Recently she was granted a divorce from him. I quote:

“An 8 year old Saudi girl has divorced her middle-aged husband after her father forced her to marry him last year, her lawyer said Thursday. Saudi Arabia has come under increasing criticism at home and abroad for permitting child marriages.”

Of course we are all more than disturbed by this story. We are disgusted. It’s an outrage to every sensible person. But is child marriage a fundamental principle of Islam or is there the possibility that Islam could turn its back on this terrible practice?

Fr. Z: That’s a good question. You know that for twenty-five years Mohammad was married to only one wife. She was called Khadija. She was older than he by about twenty-five years. And she was very rich. He lived with her twenty-five years. He was married according to the Christian law of marriage – one woman—because a priest of Mecca was a Christian but adhering to a cult called Ebionism, performed the marriage for Muhammad and Khadija according to the Christian law.

But after Khadija died, Mohammad married thirteen wives– some died, some he divorced, in all he had 66 women. And one of them was a young child, Aisha. She was six years old when he married her. Six years old, and he had sexual intercourse with her after she became nine years old. So, “like prophet, like people.” They are following his steps. So that is very shameful, very shameful.

Bob: The next question I want to ask is about the Islamic teaching about dhimmi. This is the practice of treating Christians and Jews as second-class citizens. Is this a permanent unchangeable doctrine of Islam and what has been the Coptic experience of dhimmi in Egypt?

Fr. Z: It’s very generous for Muslims to treat Christians and the people of the book Jews and Christians as second-class citizens. It’s very generous because in the Qur’an Sura 9:5 says “Kill them.” In their translation in the Qur’an to English they choose some beautiful words instead of the hard words. But the Arabic says, “Slay!”  Slay those people who do not believe in God and Muhammad and his prophet/message. But when they translate it to English they say “Fight.” But in Arabic it means “kill!” Because it is from the verb Qatal, “Kill!”  Not “fight.” So they have this verse to kill the people of the book who do not believe in Allah and his messenger Muhammad. But the verse says “”Kill them until they pay heavy taxes (jiziyah).” If they pay, leave them and treat them as second-class citizens.

In “Questions, Part 2,” Father Z takes questions about the Shi’a doctrine of temporary marriage, al-mut’ah.

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