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Father Zakaria shares his knowledge of the Qur’an with Muslims

September 30, 2011

The final post in a series of Question and Answer segments with Father Zakaria Bostros, the renowned father speaks about his experiences revealing practices found in Islam to Muslims in an attempt to win them over for Christ. To view previous posts featuring Father Z, go to the Question and Answer page of Bob’s Blog. 

Qur'an vs. Bible

Father Zakaria is an expert in revealing the true Qur'an to Muslims.

Bob: What truths about Islam help wake up the Muslims? What are the most surprising, shocking teachings in Islam that make Muslims want out of Islam?

Father Z: As we have experienced our ministry over the years, the most effective thing is the Islamic doctrine of breast-feeding adults. “What!” they react, “No, we don’t have this doctrine.” But they do, and we show it to them in their books. On a television show, a sheikh of al-Azhar admitted that this teaching is valid in Islam. That is, it is legal for a woman to breast-feed any man, in order to sit privately with him. This was a shock for all Muslims. So we send inquirers the tv episode of the sheikh of Al-Azhar.

One story: A young man came to talk about this story. His father was a sheikh in Sweden. The young man denied that this story was valid in Islam. He took our references and said he would study them and come back. He went to ask his father.

“Why do you ask?” said his father.

“There are people who say that we have this story.”

“Don’t listen to those people.”

“But I want to understand my religion.”

The father denied the story. But the father went to his room to study, and closed the door, and stayed two weeks, and studied for himself. His wife brought him food and water. And after two weeks, he opened his door. The father passed by the son, who watched as his father threw all his books into the trash. Then the father came to the son, and hugged him.

“Thank you, my son.” And the father and mother and their son and others in the family were all baptized on one day. And they bought some cakes to celebrate. But the father’s brother heard of this, and challenged him.

“What did you do?”

“We were baptized.”

“You became a Christian!”

“Yes, today.”

The father’s brother took a knife and killed his brother on the spot. The killer was arrested and jailed. The dead man’s son visited his uncle, the killer. “I forgive you,” said the nephew. “My father is in heaven, but I pray that you will not go to hell.” In time the uncle too was baptized in prison. Praise the Lord.

Bob: Thank you. We will close the meeting here.

Father Z: God bless you and bless your ministry. Jesus Christ is very happy that many workers are preaching the gospel to lost people. God bless you more and more.

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