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We’re Going to Have to Get Help for Shweyga Mullah

January 24, 2012

Jan and I are in Turkey where our hotel room has a television (we don’t have a working television in America; wow, look what we have been missing . . . ). All of you who get your news from television must have a stronger stomach than I do, and after watching the CNN report on “Scarred by Gadhafi” I do not know how you can watch every day. We are going to have to help the woman, Shweyga, whose sad, piteous, hopeful story I have just heard. And please, God, we thank you for hearing the cries of Christians and Muslims who were tortured by madman Gadhafi, whose end none have tears left to grieve.

Boiling Water

Viewing the stories of the news stirs the question within us, "what is the best thing we can do now to overcome evil with good?"

Here’s what you already know but which hurts me pretty bad right now. “Four months ago CNN correspondent Dan Rivers found Shweyga Mullah abandoned in a Gadhafi compound in western Tripoli with major burns.” Read more here  Shweyga says that when she refused an order to beat Gadhafi’s granddaughter, whose mother, Aline Gadhafi, was annoyed by the little girls’ crying. Aline, who is married to Hannibal Gadhafi, then took Shweyga to a bathroom, and with the help of a male employee, tied Shweyga’s hands behind her back, tied her feet together, taped her mouth and poured boiling water on her head. “Now let her die,” said Aline Gadhafi. And die she would have, if not for the help of other workers who drove her to a hospital in Tripoli. There the doctors worked to save Shweyga, a 30 year old Ethiopian Christian.

But the Gadhafi family intervened, and threatened the director of the hospital to return the girl or face “trouble.”

The director complied, whereupon, unbelievably, Aline Gadhafi tied Shweyga again and once more poured boiling water on the girl. And you wonder why everyone in the world wants to move to the Free World. And God bless them, every one. It was an immigrant, you remember, named Irving Berlin. More about that in my previous post. A good non-profit organization named AntiSlavery has raised funds to get Shweyga Mullah to the island of Malta, where she is receiving medical care and making new friends. What is the best thing that we can do now, to overcome evil with good?

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  1. January 24, 2012 9:40 pm

    I’ll be putting this report in high priority on my prayer list, enlisting prayer from trusted friends also. I’m just thankful to fix your whereabouts as well, the P&P request didn’t say how long your trip would be…His blessings are being asked for you and Jan, as well as His glory be exemplified in this young woman, and His healing of soul, spirit and body for her as well. In His love, Pat Momary

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