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Church-Based Teams — A Dream Becomes Reality

April 5, 2012

When Dan and Ginger and two other couples approached their pastor it was to make a radical proposal:  that the three couples go together as a team to an unengaged Muslim people, the pastor said, “I knew this day would come.”

Photo of Church-based Team

When members of a church join together on a team to carry out God's plan of church-planting among Muslims, His strategy is executed with astonishing efficiency.

Dan had already served Christ in Mongolia for 5 years; now he had been back in Arizona for five more years, making plans for his dream to come true of leading a church-planting team to the Muslim world. So Dan invited lots of his friends to take the Perspectives Class and to commit to TOAG, a year of dying-to-self disciple-making. With the right team members coming together, it was time to approach Frontiers. The ministry assigned an expert in church-based teams to help them prepare to leave America. A year ago Dan and Ginger’s dream came true; they arrived in a large city in Africa and moved into a neighborhood made up entirely of Muslims.

In the past five years, Frontiers has sent fifteen church-based teams. And they have begun making disciples of Jesus Christ among Muslims in some of the most needy places in the world. I think of Korean-American church that carefully selected a leader and five other members of the team. That was four years ago; today that team of Korean-Americans is serving Christ among a Muslim people where few envy them. We are proud to partner with churches such as this one.

When churches want to send an entire team to start disciple-making movements among Muslims, they discover that Frontiers has been doing this for a long time. But now, more churches than ever are asking for our help in sending church-based teams. Two days ago I was in Pittsburgh to meet with a church of 600 members. Four couples want to change the world by going as a team to preach the gospel where Christ is not known. It will take two years, but the time will go by fast. And one day, soon, they will buy their airline tickets and leave all that is familiar to live among all that is foreign for the sake of the gospel. When that happens, another dream will become reality.

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