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In Chains in North Africa

April 11, 2012

The situation was perilous for seven Muslim Background Believers when they were captured by the police after leaving a meeting and taken in for questioning. The authorities wanted to know who had passed “this message” on to them. The believers responded, “We heard about this message from God.”

North African Chains

Fulfilling prophecy and meeting His believer needs today, Jesus Christ obliterates the most oppressive of human conditions, including bondage, sin and death.

After interrogation, the seven were imprisoned, and put in chains on both their hands and feet. The men were placed in the prison for men. The women were placed in the prison for women. The authorities were planning to beat the people and continue to interrogate them. They would then be taken to court. The main judge came to the men’s prison and told the men, “If your God is strong, he has to get you out of prison.” The guards and other prisoners were mocking them and laughing, saying, “You will stay in prison for the rest of your lives.”

The next morning when the prison worker who provided basics for the male prisoners opened the cell door, he found that all their chains were lying opened–disconnected from the prisoners and from the stock. The worker went to tell the responsible men of the prison. When the authorities came they saw with their own eyes the opened chains, and were afraid. They sent someone to the women’s prison; the same thing had happened to their chains also.

The authorities decided to release these seven people and send them home. The men were sent home in one group and the women in another group. Neither group knew the whereabouts of the other. The men and the women met each other on their way as they were returning home. They found out that both groups had the same experience of deliverance. They went home, showered, and then went to meet with the other believers in their village.

The believers were greatly encouraged by how the Lord had rescued them from the hands of the authorities. He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives.—Luke 4:18.

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