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May 18, 2012

With wide-ranging topics covering  persecution, salvation and even oddly-dancing men, Bob’s 100 blogs have never strayed far from his desire that Muslims around the world come to know the Truth, who is Jesus Christ

Dear Readers,

We reached a milestone today; 100 blogs in 100 weeks. I think of the other milestones we have achieved in the past 100 weeks. First, we have sent 200 new Frontiers workers in the past 100 weeks. That is more than ever before. God has answered our prayers to send out laborers into His harvest. Second, we have appointed 40 new team leaders in the past 100 weeks. That is a very good number. A decade ago we would have appointed 20 in the same length of time. Third, in the last 100 weeks about 100 new churches or fellowships of Muslim background believers have been established. We have many new brothers and sisters among Muslims in Ethiopia and in Pakistan. But it’s too soon to celebrate and too soon to quit; many of our teams have seen no fruit.

I asked one team leader who has been working among Arab Muslims for 25 years how he keeps getting up in the morning and walking out the front door to tell Muslims about the love of Jesus when there is no response. He replied, “Tomorrow may be the day.” And that is why I love him.

What other achievements can we point to in the past 100 weeks? We have taken care of our wounded workers. The stresses on our families on the field face are of a different peril than most of us have known. So they need our healing and forgiveness and love. “If we send them, we have to mend them.”

One more great thing has happened in the past 100 weeks: I have made so many new friends in the blogosphere. So, thank you for reading. Hey Dennis, let’s get started on the next 100 blogs. Good things are going to happen.

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