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By Whom Was David Taught?

August 10, 2012

Here is a fine poem by William Cowper. It is called By Whom Was David Taught. What do you think of it?

Calvary Charge

Our various battles in life are ultimately not won through our guile or weapons, but rather by the One who has given us victory over even death. (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons. Author: U. S. Army)

By whom was David taught
To aim the deadly blow,
When he Goliath fought,
And laid the Gittite low?
Nor sword nor spear the stripling took,
But chose a pebble from the brook.

’Twas Israel’s God and King
Who sent him to the fight;
Who gave him strength to fling,
And skill to aim aright.
Ye feeble saints, your strength endures,
Because young David’s God is yours.

Who ordered Gideon forth,
To storm th’invaders’ camp
With arms of little worth,
A pitcher and a lamp?
The trumpets made His coming known
And all the host was overthrown.

Oh! I have seen the day,
When with a single word,
God helping me to say,
“My trust is in the Lord,”
My soul hath quelled a thousand foes
Fearless of all that could oppose.

But unbelief, self will,
Self righteousness, and pride,
How often do they steal
My weapon from my side!
Yet David’s Lord, and Gideon’s Friend,
Will help His servant to the end.

William Cowper, 1731-1800

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  1. August 13, 2012 7:04 pm

    I totally ‘loved’ the Relationship Cowper conveys in the poem! That I am depending on a similar one is expressed in a prose conversation I had with myself a short time ago:

    86 or a ‘Terrible Two’?

    What caused these knotted muscles in my neck and spine?
    A neck too stiff to bend into the Yoke?
    And even if the burden to be pulled is light…
    How pitiable – this age, yet still clinging to self and

    I suppose it caused St. Paul to write Romans 7:24b…

    P.S. Thanks for your recent family update plus personal autograph! Blessings and love to all, PM

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