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The Youngest Mullah (Part 2)

September 5, 2012

We continue to examine the life of Dr. Saeed after his confession of belief in Christ and his brother’s subsequent determination to kill him.

Sa’eed’s brother, Muhammad Rasooli (known as Kaka), at first took seriously his responsibility to kill Sa’eed for renouncing Islam. Sa’eed fled from Sanandaj, and Kaka vowed to hunt him down. Kaka himself, after several years of study, came to Christ as his Lord. In the town of Hamadan Kaka, along with a missionary, J. W. Hawkes, opened a medical clinic and a school for boys and girls.[1]There Sa’eed settled, and met and married Rebka, an Assyrian woman.

Dr. Saeed Of Iran

Jay M. Rasooli and Cady H. Allen convey a thrilling and revealing account of how a former Muslim Mullah responded to the message and ministry of Jesus Christ.

Sa’eed impressed all people with his remarkable knowledge of the Bible. He equally impressed them with his boldness; called to practice medicine in a camp of nomads, a patient asked, “If you are a doctor, then tell us what’s wrong with us.” “Physically, nothing, spiritually, sin, which brings you under the judgment of God.” “Do you know God?”, asked the patient. “Yes, I rejoice to say,” Sa’eed replied. On another occasion, Sa’eed asked, “Suppose you were to die tonight: are you sure you would go to Paradise?”  “No. But who can be sure?”  “Haji, a religion that gives me no assurance of salvation I wouldn’t buy for a penny.”

Dr. Sa’eed, as a Christian, Discusses Islam

Sa’eed became a doctor, married a Nestorian woman, and set­tled in Teheran. His medical skills, his bold wit­ness, his piety, and his generosity made him widely known and respected. In later years, Dr. Sa’eed reflected on Islam in these words:

Islam is a system of stolen truths. There is not a thing of primary importance in it which would be claimed as origi­nal. I have come to the conclusion that it is a system of apostasy and heresy. I assure you it is worse than heathenism. Mohammed said: “If Jesus had not gone too far in the religion of God, I could have accepted his relig­ion.” Now, that shows conclusively that he understood Christ well, and knows that Christianity would not give him a license for the things of the flesh that he himself indulged in. So he gave it up and became a renegade, yet availed himself of Chris­tian religious phraseology and gladly put it in the Arabic garb.

In his plagiarism, Mohammed was helped by Jews and Chris­tians whom he had compelled to become Moham­medans and who, to gain his respect and to please him, put Biblical phrases in Ara­bic form and attributed them to Mohammed, just as the sugar sto­len by the brigands resold in the market will still be sugar. The pity of it is that all such stolen truths from the Bible are mis­quoted and garbled.

Any honest seeker after divine truth who can empty his mind of partisan prejudice and religious bigotry, by com­par­ing the Koran with the Bible, will positively reach the same conclusion.[2]

Jay Rasooli writes that Sa’eed wrote the whole story of the Gospels in Kurdish poetry, a labor of love spread over thirty-five years, that he might reach his own people. Sa’eed died in 1942, the most famous Kurdish believer of the 20th century.

Rasooli, Jay M., and Cady Hews Allen. The Life Story of Dr. Sa’eed of Iran; Kurdish Physician to Princes and Peasants, Nobles and Nomads. Grand Rapids, Mich.,: International Publications, 1957.

Yonan, Isaac Malek. The Beloved Physician of Teheran; the Miracle of the Conversion of Dr. Sa’eed. Nashville: Cokesbury Press, 1934.

[1] Kaka’s son, Jay Rasooli, became a medical doctor and moved to San Pedro, Califor­nia, where he and I became acquainted. His wife, Helga, was from Norway.

[2] Yonan. 108

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