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Deliver us from Evil — the Cost of Believing in Christ

September 14, 2012

Grandfather Hanun is the only believer in his family in a village in North Africa. He endured a lot from his grandchildren, who were grown up and now had their own families. His grandchildren would tell Hanun to go to the mosque and stop meeting with the believers. He refused to stop and continued to join with the gathering for fellowship.

The Christian Martyrs' Last Prayer

Jean-Leon Gerome’s 1883 depiction of The Christian Martyrs’ Last Prayer testifies to the struggles believers in Christ have endured through the ages. Today’s atrocities against Muslims coming to faith in Jesus are no less awful

One day, his adult grandchildren took him far away, to the fields. Ali, a five-year old neighbour boy who came from a believing family, joined them on the journey. He loved Hanun like his own grandfather. When they reached a group of trees in the middle of the fields, Hanun’s grandchildren hung him with a rope, tying him to a branch up in a tree. After doing this, they left him. Ali, however, stayed with grandpa Hanun and called out to him, “Grandpa, come.”  Grandpa Hanun didn’t move or respond. After a time, Ali returned to his mother. When he arrived back, his mother was already searching for him.

“Where have you been Ali?” Mother asked.

“I have been with Grandpa Hanun,” responded Ali.

She asked, “Where did you go with him?”

“Far up to the little forest in the fields.”

“Who did you go with?”

“I went with Grandpa Hanun and his grandchildren.”

“Where’s Grandpa now?” Mother asked.

Ali responded, “He’s tied to a tree.”

Upon hearing Ali’s response, Mother understood there was a real problem. She immediately went to inform some of the other believers. Two men rushed on a horse out to the little forest. They found him hanging in the tree, but still alive. They took Grandpa Hanun down from the tree. He was very weak. They promptly took him to the hospital where he ended up staying for several months. Finally, he was released to return home and his grandchildren treated him better than before. Eventually, one of his grandchildren came to know the Lord.

This is just one example of how believers are called to suffer. Other believers have been persecuted for their firm belief in Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

People’s stomachs have been sliced open.

Some have survived, some have not.

Some have lost one leg by having it cut off because of their faith.

Some have been divorced from their spouse.

Some have had their hair shaved off, shaming them.

Some were inflicted with injury to the point of death.

A mother with her four children was burned alive in their straw hut.

Believers are tortured and precious lives are taken by evil men, but the believing brothers and sisters persevere. Despite the cost, the growth of the church continues.

Report from a Frontiers worker in North Africa.

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  1. September 19, 2012 10:55 am

    We know so little about persecution in the West.

    Thanks for sharing.

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