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Book Review: The Coming Jobs War

January 24, 2013

Jim Clifton, CEO at Gallup Poll, began leading his organization on a remarkable journey seven years ago. That’s when Gallup began a global survey of the opinions of people all over the world. Even more remarkable is that Gallup is committed to conducting this World Poll every year for the next hundred years!

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As Islamist regimes grow in numbers, there might well be a equally burgeoning need for jobs for the people living under that rule.

For the first time ever we know what the opinions are of people everywhere. And an important fact has emerged. What do you think is the number one expressed wish in the whole world? The Survey says: Real jobs. That means working for 30 hours or more a week and taking home a paycheck. Forbes Magazine comments, “Gallup has discovered that having a good job is now the great global dream; it’s the number one social value for everyone. This is one of our most powerful findings ever.”[1]

No wonder “Business for Transformation” (B4T) is gaining a following in the mission world. Not many people realize that Islam prohibits its adherents from creating corporations, because a corporation is “an artificial person with all the rights of a living person” and Islam says that only Allah can make people. I have written about this elsewhere. So what you have in Muslim countries are family-owned businesses, usually involving trade. A family lives above a small store, selling items made in other countries. Nephews and sons work at the store for room and board, but not for a wage. And wages are what people all over the world are saying that they want.

There are corporations in Turkey and Malaysia and other Muslim countries, but if the Islamists have their way, as they are now in Egypt, the corporations will be dissolved. No wonder investors are pulling out of Egypt as fast as they can. “Stimulating job growth is the new currency, says Forbes, “because if you don’t deliver on it you will experience instability, brain drain, sometimes revolution — all of the worst outcomes of failed leadership. Because the Islamic world does not know how to create jobs, the future is there is predictable. I was recently in Iraq, where more than 75% of the work force is in the “public sector,” that is, government handed out by the so-called government that have no value.

It is easy to start a new corporation in the United States; and 80% of the work force is employed by corporations. We have something to give to the Muslim world: we have the know-how to create jobs. Jesus Christ would say today, I think “I was ashamed to have no work, and you gave me the dignity of a job.” Business for Transformation is creating dignity when it creates jobs.

[1] To read the entire Forbes article click here.

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  1. Brant Baker permalink
    January 24, 2013 6:49 pm

    Interesting facts and a great response from the mission community. Thanks for sharing!

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