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“After 21 years Living among the ‘Stora’, the Fruit has Come”

June 7, 2013

One of our field workers sent this report. I am sure it will make your heart glad. For all who say, “I would be a missionary if I could have this kind of success,” remember the years of hard labor that this team has endured until now. Olivia writes:

Something as simple as a soccer league in the village reflects the movement of God in an African village. Please pray that arising opposition to God's transformation stops.

Something as simple as a soccer league in the village reflects the movement of God in an African village. Please pray that arising opposition to God’s transformation stops.

I’m back in Magenta  and soooo glad to be here.  All is quiet and the team is healthy.  Praise God! There are so many testimonies of God’s miracle-working power, I do not know where to begin.

After 21 years of living among the “Stora” as God’s people, desiring a saving knowledge of Jesus for them, the fruit is here.  The cell groups are growing with the leaders teaching, the people inviting and singing praises to God.  The mukhtars (head men) are inviting us to visit them, and are asking other mukhtars to come when we visit.  They are thankful for us preserving their language with our publications.

Two of the elderly women I have visited in the past two weeks are proclaiming Jesus as savior and are giving me gifts (nuts, bananas, fish).  I am excited over this because they are giving, not just taking.

A former prostitute has been completely changed, now loving her husband and praising God.  A drunkard has stopped drinking and is attending the cell group with his wife.  A head man and his son are preaching and telling other leaders about God.  The people are praying for one another.  A woman prayed over her husband sick with malaria and after she prayed in the name of Jesus, he was healed.

We are seeking God for His protection of these new believers and for our local village, which seems to be the toughest to reach even though we have favor with them.  Our team women have begun a women’s group in our village that we meet with on Sunday afternoons.  One of us teaches the Word of God, another teaches good health practices, and I follow up with discussion.  We have soccer teams for the girls and boys, our workers hear the Word once a week, our translators daily translate God’s Word but no real fruit.  Please pray for a break through here.

Please pray for our finances.  The cost of living in in this African nation has doubled and Don’s’ supporters are down.  The ministry is struggling financially.

Also, please pray for our most active group which is receiving some opposition from several sheiks accusing them of taking their people to Christian meetings.   Pray for safety and peace but above all that God to use this to His glory.

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