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About Frontiers

Frontiers is an international non-profit organization that recruits, trains and sends teams of ordinary people for long-term service to the Muslim world. Our members work in businesses, community development, and other capacities and share the love of Jesus with their coworkers, neighbors, and other friends.  Our desire is to be the first to tell them (Romans 15:20-21). 

Frontiers is a unique in that we are built in community (teams), sent by communities (fellowships and churches) and living for communities (Muslims). Check out our history, core values, and ethos.  And learn and pray for the unengaged Muslim people groups.  You can find all this at our website,

We are actively recruiting new leaders and members to go to the Muslim world today – especially to those places where the love of Jesus is not yet known. Frontiers will prepare you for service.  If God may be calling you to this, we’re already on the Journey… Will you join us?

We are also trusting God to provide partners that can help meet the financial needs of Frontiers.  Learn more.

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