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They Desperately Need Your Help

January 15, 2013

The news  from far-away Niger, on its southern border, is as heartbreaking as whatever you see on CNN. But in Niger no cameras were rolling to catch the tears of those Africans who saw their loved ones cut down by the Islamic group,  Boko Haram. My friend Pastor John Ramey, the only American within hundreds of miles, was there to see and interview the survivors. Here’s the thing: these people need help; they need shelter, and you can help them. My wife and I gave $120 to the Aslan Children’s Foundation. To provide shelters for one family.

See what I mean:  Watch this video:

Won’t you give $120 to provide tent shelters  for one of these 57 families? My wife and I gave; I hope you will give too. Here how you can give:

Click on and give by credit card

Or make your check to Aslan Children Rescue and sent it to:

1110 Rudger Way  Sacramento, CA  95833

Note the gift with a memo of  “Niger Shelters.” And thank you very much. This is an emergency. The winds are blowing hard and these survivors need shelters.

Sincerely, Bob Blincoe

P.S. I just learned that there is a matching fund; if you give before January 31 a donor will match your gift! Please give! Let’s provide  shelters for all 57 families.

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